A Purim Search for the Modern Day Jewish Queen

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While women have climbed quite high on the social ladder, not a single woman in our times has followed Queen Esther as

“The Jewish Queen.”

So, on Purim day, we undertook a worldwide search to find the closest thing we have to a Jewish Queen today. Here are our candidates:

  • Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky – Serious yichus, and married a “nice Jewish boy”
  • Ivanka Trump – an Orthodox heiress with a designer shoe line
  • Bar Rafaeli – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Israeli supermodel
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – the Celebrity daughter of a rabbinic dynasty
  • Natalie Portman – the Black Swan and Pride of Israel
  • Madonna – She’s not Jewish, but loves Kabbalah
  • Queen Rania of Jordan – Ok, she’s not Jewish either, but her next-door-neighbor is Israel

And that’s it! Oy vey, Achashveirosh wouldn’t have too many choices, now would he?

Happy Purim from NewsyJewsy!!

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