Islamic State: Gorgeous. Refreshing. To die for.

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graphic2Islamic State: Ministry of Tourism

Visit the Islamic State, the world’s most talked-about vacation spot in 2014!

Islamic State: Gorgeous. Refreshing. To die for.

Share moments of beauty

  • Hike up our beautiful Mount Sinjar with local Yazidi families. Bring good shoes and water for a week. Or two.
  • Visit a local grenade factory situated by the lush banks of the Tigris River. Enjoy panoramic views of the river and see what we’ve done to this land.

Experience the history

  • Come see the charred remains of an 1800 year old church in Mosul. Learn about the ancient Christian people who used to inhabit the land.
  • Check out an old abandoned US army base. Explore this modern ghost-town with the local guide who wears the badge of honor as the very first man to loot it.

Discover the outdoors

  • Join our year-round basic training camp, including endurance testing, beheading techniques, bomb-making, target practice, and crucifixion. Get your very own machine gun and black mask.

Bask in the sun

  • Find our open graves waiting, ready for you, and at your service. Our airline has a great deal right now on one way tickets to Islamic State.

Everyone is talking about Islamic State! Experience the magic and breathtaking beauty of Islamic State. Book your trip now to lock in great prices!

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