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When I’m 80, and Still on Facebook

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The stats say that many “older folks” have taken to social media in recent years, but we all know that a) they’re in their 60s and, by today’s standards, that’s not old, and b) they’re often light users, just using it to see pics of the grandkids. But now let’s imagine, what we, the “Facebook Generation” will sound like when we’re 80….

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Photo Comment: “omg, u look awesome in this pic, where’d u get ur teeth from?”
  • Profile Birthday Year: “It’s Complicated.”
  • Status Update: “Need 2 borrow a size 20 gown 4 my great grandson’s bar mitzvah, any1 have anything?”
  • Like: “AARP Fan Page”
  • Video Share: Maccabeats’ “Candlelight”….omg, weren’t those boys handsome?
  • Status Update: “My DH needs a walker, can u recommend 1 that is sturdy but not too expensive?”
  • Photo Album: “Sitting by the pool in Florida” – The Next Photo Album: “Sitting by the pool in Florida.”
  • Video Share: Youtube – “New Drug Helps Urinary Tract Infections.”
  • Like: “Silly Bands”…omg, remember those??
  • Status Update: “Thinking of getting grey highlights in my sheitel, what do u think?”
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Top Ten Ways You Know Bin Laden was a Social Media Loser

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It’s ironic that the story of Bin Laden’s death was first broken on Twitter—especially since he was such a social media loser.

Top Ten Ways You Know Bin Laden
was a Social Media Loser

  1. He was literally “living in a cave” for years.
  2. He started a profile on Facebook, but there was no way to input more than one wife.
  3. His grandkids tried to get him on skype, but they could never verify with 100% certainty that it was really his voice.
  4. He gave up Twitter when he found out the 72 virgins who were following him were fake.
  5. He couldn’t figure out how to use Foursquare (Darn!).
  6. He wanted a smartphone—but his parents said he’d have to earn it by getting a real job.
  7. He gave up on email, because he kept getting “Your message cannot be sent to undisclosed recipients.”
  8. He tried playing Farmville, but then he realized HE was the animal.
  9. He tried a blog, but he forgot the password, and someone burned it with the trash.
  10. With that beard, who would have dated him on e-harmony anyway?

Anyone have any to add?

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A Post Amid the Chaos

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So many upheavals, tragedies, and insane things have been happening these last few weeks and months, I can hardly gather my thoughts for a post.

So I decided I would just list some of the things I never thought would happen in such rapid succession. Maybe your comments can help add meaning to a confused world.

  • January 2 – Political Unrest in Tunisia
  • January 8 – Arizona Shooting Kills 6 and Injures 20, Including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
  • January 14 – Tunisia Ousts Ben Ali
  • January 23 – Political Unrest in Yemen
  • January 25 – Massive Demonstration in Egypt Calls for Mubarak to Step Down
  • January 25 – “Day of Rage” in Lebanon Against Hezbollah
  • January 28 – Political Unrest in Jordan
  • February 11 – Egypt Ousts Mubarak after 30 Year-Rule
  • February 12 – Political Unrest in Algeria
  • February 14 – More Deadly Protests in Iran, Bahrain and Yemen
  • February 16 – Political Unrest in Libya
  • February 21 – Demonstrations in Morocco Against Corruption
  • February 25 – Violence in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen
  • February 27 – Government Crackdowns lead to Civil War in Libya
  • March 11 – Political Unrest in Saudi Arabia
  • March 11 – Japan 8.9-Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami, 12,000 Dead
  • March 12 – Terrorists Murder 5 Sleeping Family Members in Itamar, Israel
  • March 14 – Radiation Leaks from Japan’s Damaged Nuclear Plants
  • March 15 – Political Unrest in Gaza and the West Bank
  • March 19 – Political Unrest in Syria
  • March 19 – American-Led Military Assault on Libya to Oust Qaddafi
  • March 23 – Terrorist Bus Bombing in Jerusalem Kills 1, Injures 39
  • March 29 – Facebook Page Calling for Third Intifada is Taken Down. It had 350,000 Likes.
  • April 2 – Deadly Protests in Afghanistan after a U.S. Church Torches the Quran
  • April 5 – War in Libya Continues
  • April 6 – What will happen tomorrow?
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